New Young Parent Article

Sep 29, 2017

Health Information Practices of Young Parents, one of the Young Parent Study articles, is now available!

This first published investigation focusing on young parent information practices can help inform services and resources for young parents, suggests that sharing might be conceptualised as a subset of use, and highlights newly-identified information seeking practices by marginalised individuals, such as defensive and subversive seeking.

I am grateful to the young parents and young parent service providers who so generously shared their time, spaces, and expertise with me during this project. Analysis and knowledge exchange for the overarching Young Parent Study is ongoing, and we are pleased to have connected with so many people who care about improving services to and the well-being of young parents.

To request a freely-available copy of this article while the open access version is under embargo, please email me or use the form in the “contact” section of this website.

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