Information World Mapping

Apr 26, 2017

Information World Mapping

The new article on my IWM method for rich data elicitation is now available from LISR.

Information world mapping is an arts-based elicitation activity developed for use in qualitative interviews. In IWM, participants draw or map from their own perspectives their information worlds related to the topic of interest. IWM can complement and triangulate other forms of elicitation, such as surveys and the critical incident technique. By placing depiction of an information world in the hands of participants, IWM can help center marginalized perspectives.

The current article focuses on the methodological influences on the development of IWM, implementation considerations for researchers wishing to use IWM or other arts-based elicitation methods, and examples from the first study in which we used IWM, the Young Parent Study.

Work is currently underway exploring multiple forms of visual analysis for the maps themselves, using maps from various studies.

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