Parental Vaccination Decisions

Nov 23, 2016

Parental Vaccination Decisions

The focus of my postdoctoral fellowship in pediatrics at the Vaccine Evaluation Center is understanding what influences parental decisions about routine childhood vaccinations.

Projects I am working on include:

  • A mixed-methods study to explore and document parent and health care provider attitudes about vaccinations and vaccine hesitancy in Canada;
  • A qualitative investigation with parents of school-aged children, who have changed their opinions about vaccination over time, to understand what influenced them;
  • A longitudinal study of new mothers, beginning in pregnancy and following their vaccine decisions over the first year of their children’s lives;
  • Studies of social media interventions aimed at shifting attitudes to be more favourable toward vaccines;
  • Analysis of policies aimed at modifying structural factors to encourage childhood vaccination; and
  • Exploration of “evidence skepticism” among communities with histories of distrust of the public health system.

This work dovetails with my previous and ongoing research on population health information interventions, public health ethics, youth and parent health information practices, reproductive health, and parenting in the digital age.

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