MSFHR Trainee Award

Jul 9, 2015

I am proud to be a recipient of a 2015 Trainee Award from the Michael Smith Foundation for Health Research.

My project, Understanding the role of information in vaccine hesitant parents’ decision-making, will use a multiple-methods approach including social media analysis, ethnographic research, and population survey, to improve our understanding of the ways expectant/new parents who aren’t sure about their plans for routine infant vaccinations use health information.

My work will be based out of the Vaccine Evaluation Centre at the Child & Family Research Institute, with the supervision of vaccine epidemiologist Dr. Julie Bettinger (Pediatrics). I will be working closely with the national Canadian Immunization Research Network.

I am excited to bring my expertise in the sociology of information practices to a clinical research setting, to explore a new topic related to family health decision making, and to increase my network of research collaborators and knowledge users.


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