Creative Arts Knowledge Exchange

Jul 21, 2014

Creative Arts Knowledge Exchange

I am excited to announce that I have received CIHR funding for a new project, “Theatre-based Knowledge Exchange with Early-Age Parents and Community Stakeholders.”

Thanks to the Institute for Gender and Health’s Institute Community Support Program, over the next year I will be training in and implementing interactive theatre techniques for use with my research.

This project aims to facilitate participatory arts-based dialogue among research participants and decision-makers in their communities. This knowledge exchange will build on my doctoral research study, which focuses on health information and early-age parents. The results of these workshops will also inform the ongoing Young Parent Study.

After training with Theatre for Living, a forum theatre troupe that builds on and extends Agusto Boal’s Theatre of the Oppressed methods for community dialogue, I will apply these skills to workshops involving a subset of participants from the Young Parent Study, and selected other “community stakeholders” (e.g., elected representatives, youth advocates, non-profit directors).

The aim of this knowledge exchange is twofold:

  1. To generate community dialogue and understanding regarding the challenges facing early-age parents and their communities, and
  2. To generate ideas for improvements to policies and programs that impact early-age parents

This theatre-based project fits within my special interest in arts-based research methods.

Thank you to the CIHR Institute for Gender and Health’s Institute Community Support Program, which has provided funding for the bulk of this project.

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