Young Parent Study

Oct 9, 2013

Young Parent Study

Earlier this year, our research team, lead by PI Dr. Jean Shoveller (who is also my fabulous PhD supervisor), found out that both of the CIHR grant proposals we submitted for young parent-related projects would be funded. These combined will enable us to build a much larger, multi-site and longitudinal study around my thesis research.

The overarching Young Parent Study will be a 5-year study centred on a cohort of young parents from around the province of British Columbia. We will be investigating the impact of social context (including population health information interventions) on the experiences of early-age parents (age 15-24).

The study is now in process, and fieldwork (observations and interviews) is underway! My doctoral thesis will draw on data from the first year of the study, specifically the role of health-related information practices within the lives of young mothers and fathers.

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